The Supercols Are Back for Their Biggest Adventure Yet

by Megan -

We introduced you to the Supercols back in March with their heart-warming animation, “The Best Christmas Gift,” and now the pair is back for their Biggest Adventure yet: their wedding! The new iStopMotion animation, created by Colin with the help of his fiancé Li Yi (hence, the name the Supercols), puts the animator’s artistic chops on display, as he skillfully illustrates a hot air balloon, which is then inflated and launched into the air.

The balloon is floating through a timeline of the couple’s many exciting adventures when Colin jumps out of a photo in the mountains and into the balloon’s basket. Mid-tree pose Li Yi, of course, follows suit, abandoning her yoga practice to join Colin for their next great adventure. The animation, made using Boinx Software’s iStopMotion, was created for Colin and Li Yi’s upcoming wedding, so we’d like to propose a toast: here’s to a lifetime of happiness and many more fantastic iStopMotion animations to come!