3DTV Asks Oliver the Burning Questions on Stop Motion Animation

by Megan -

Marshal Rosenthal of 3DTV.com wanted to get the low down on all things stop motion - so he went straight to the source and asked Boinx's own Oliver Breidenbach for an insider's perspective on claymation and iStopMotion. They talk about the inspiration for stop motion animation, important set up factors and more.

Marshal starts the conversation off with a question many people might have: "What is the appeal of shooting stop-motion, be it of live or inanimate objects?"

To which Oliver responds: "Stop motion animation has a certain magic appeal: it can breathe life into anything, be it elaborate models or figures or plain everyday objects. It is also very easy, at least compared to any other type of visual storytelling. You won't need a lot to make a stop motion movie – no actors, no stage, no crew or even a script are required. Of course, films like Wallace and Gromit are no easy feat, but basically a 3-year-old can do stop motion animation and tell a story. That is also the appeal of the iStopMotion line of Mac and iOS products: 3-year-olds as well as big studios, makers of commercials and music videos, use it."

Read the rest of Marshal and Oliver's chat for insight on stop motion animation right from the expert himself!