The StarLapse and iStopMotion for iPad

by Megan -

It’s so fascinating to watch gradual events, such as slow changes in weather, sped up and played out in seconds rather than hours, and iStopMotion for iPad’s time lapse feature is perfect for achieving just that. Add in Losmandy’s cool new product, the StarLapse, a rotating motor used for celestial observation, and you’ve got the perfect panoramic view of any scene. The StarLapse was originally created for tracking stars through a telescope, but it can also be used for creating a panning effect while filming – simply mount on a tripod and begin shooting.

Achim gave it a “spin,” hooking the iPad 2 up to the StarLapse using the Makayama Movie Mount. He recorded a time lapse of different landscapes in his hometown of Leoben, Austria, with the StarLapse set to gradually pan the scenery as iStopMotion for iPad captured frame after frame. From a bird’s eye view of the village and rolling hills, to the street side traffic scene, the Star Lapse combined with iStopMotion for iPad captured some beautiful footage, which was then edited by our 14-year-old intern, Svenja, using Final Cut Pro.