MyMac Goes Through the (Stop) Motions With iStopMotion for iPad

by Megan -

Another month, another positive review for iStopMotion for iPad! The fun app continues to receive rave reviews from tastemakers in the Mac community. This time, Steve Hammond of MyMac took a close look at iStopMotion for iPad – and liked it! In his review, Steve gives a rundown on the stop motion app, providing screenshots plus an in-depth walk-through of creating animations on the iPad. It's an extremely helpful review for anyone looking to get started with iStopMotion for iPad.

Steve ends his review with: “iStopMotion for iPad is an application that takes no time to learn. It is very intuitive, and fun to use. For creative users, this is another way to use the iPad as more than a consumption device. If you have GarageBand for iPad to create your stop motion soundtracks, your iPad will become a great creation device.

Even if you’re not a self-proclaimed computer geek like Steve, we’re sure you’ll love iStopMotion for iPad!