Education: There’s An App For That

by Megan -

We recently caught an interesting article on written by Christopher Breen called Embracing the educational iOS device,” in which he discusses the educational value of iPads, iPods and everything in between. He argues against the belief that “exposing a child to an iPad would lead to a machine-dependent future, devoid of fresh air, firm muscle tone, and true human interaction,” and maintains that, at least in his experience with his daughter, technology has brought a great deal of positivity to their lives and, in particular, to her experience with learning.

In case you haven’t already noticed, we at Boinx are huge proponents of technology enriching the learning (and living) experience – not hindering it. Hearing Christopher’s account of all the ways in which he and his family use tools like the iPad to enhance their lives is quite inspiring. From exploring terrain both physically and virtually to sparking a lively discussion over fruit, their iPad, iPhone, or whatever’s handy at the moment, plays an important part in learning. Plus, as Christopher points out, it’s a whole lot more engaging than flipping through an outdated encyclopedia.

One of the tools Christopher and his daughter are using on the iPad to get the most out of it? iStopMotion for iPad. He says, “Thanks to Boinx’s iStopMotion for iPad (and its accompanying remote iPhone camera app), The Girl and I have tried our hands at claymation. As we’ve done so we’ve had to spend time learning about lighting, composition, time, and motion.

Amazing! So to all the naysayers out there who don’t yet see the value and opportunity that comes with technology, take a tip from Christopher: “But the answer doesn’t lie in denying a child technology because you either fear or don’t understand it. Rather—as it’s always been—the answer is in parents paying attention and participating.

Read the full article and be amazed at all the ways you can use technology, and in particular, iOS devices, to enhance your (and your children’s) lives!