Gordon Straub and Chuck Joiner Talk iStopMotion

by Megan -

Back in January at Macworld | iWorld, we had the chance to meet iStopMotion animator Gordon Straub, who came by the Boinx Software booth to demo iStopMotion for iPad for us. Gordon, at just 17 years old, even gave a tech talk on stop motion animation at the big iFan event called Get Started or Improve Your Techniques Making Stop-Action Movies with iStopMotion. A popular session at Macworld, Gordon gave attendees tips and tricks on how to use iStopMotion and more.

Still catching up on all of the aftermath of the big show is Chuck Joiner, host of MacVoicesTV, The Talk of the Mac Community. Chuck sat down with the young animator for an episode of the podcast to get the scoop on Gordon’s gig as one of the youngest presenters at Macworld, iStopMotion animation and his future as an animator.

When Chuck asks Gordon how he got into stop motion animation and what he finds intriguing about it, Gordon tells him, “Things that normally you couldn’t move by yourself, seeing them move is really, sort of magical to me.” Gordon has been animating with iStopMotion since he was in middle school.

This is something that all us old guys have to get used to – that you have been able to use this stuff since you were in middle school, if not before. To us, a lot of it is new and cool, but we don’t always get the same kind of inspiration that you do,” comments Chuck. “This kind of videography – you can do a lot more with it, and especially with iStopMotion; it makes it so approachable so that you don’t have to use, say clay figures or anything like that. You can pretty much take anything you want to animate and go for it.”

Watch or listen to the podcast for the full discussion between Chuck and Gordon. And if you’re looking for a stop motion animator on any project, Gordon’s for hire!

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