Making the Grade at CUE 2012

by Megan -

Happy spring everyone! It’s been a busy month for us Boinx folks. I just returned from a trip to Palm Springs for the annual CUE conference (that’s Computer-Using Educators) – what a success! The conference, which is one of the biggest tech conferences in California, was packed with teachers, tech coordinates, students (though just on Saturday, of course!) and more, seeking out the latest in technology for education. It was the perfect opportunity for us to showcase BoinxTV, iStopMotion 2, and iStopMotion for iPad, and all of their educational benefits for tech savvy teachers and students.

Not only did we get a lot of positive feedback from attendees (some may or may not have purchased the iStopMotion for iPad app while at our booth…), but it was so encouraging to see just how big of a role technology plays in the classroom, and how students and teachers alike are embracing it. There was even an exhibit dedicated to showcasing projects that students have created using technology like the iPad. Seeing first hand how confident these young students are was very impressive. Just another example of how, when you put technology in the hands of children, they will do truly amazing things with it.

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