Christmas Wishes Are Better Late Than Never

by Megan -

A true love story told in a matter of frames and just a few minutes tells the story of the kind of love that lasts a lifetime. Colin and his fiancé Li Yi illustrate, or should I say, animate, this perfectly in their stop motion film, “The Best Christmas Gift.” Okay, we know the holidays are over, but at Boinx, we believe there’s never a bad time to spread Christmas cheer – and when we stumbled upon an iStopMotion animation as lovely as this one, we knew we couldn’t wait for next December to share it with the world.

When the film starts out, Colin is just a figure in a newspaper clipping on a kitchen counter. He pops out, and after a quick smell check, begins his adventure in which he discovers the girl of his dreams, Li Yi, in a cookbook, quietly stirring a bowl of fruit juice. Quickly, he does a costume change into a fancy shirt and tie and introduces himself. It’s like a scene out of Toy Story when the owner of the house walks in and Colin and Li Yi fall down as if they’re inanimate objects - because well, they kind of are.

Relocated to the other side of the room by its owner, Colin must make his way through the kitchen obstacles to get to the cookbook and Li Yi. In the end, he discovers that it’s not his fancy shirt or muscles (did we mention he throws on a set of muscles? You’ll have to watch the film to see that!) that make her love him – it’s who he is inside.

The inspiration to create the story came when we saw how stressed people got when trying to find a present for loved ones. I was thinking of what the best Christmas gift could be and, when you boil it down, all a person wants is to be happy – and I don't think there is anything that makes a person happier than to be loved for who they really are, or rather, in spite of who they really are,” says Colin. “I wanted to show it in its most basic form. A newspaper cutout of a black and white character falls for a girl in a glossy cookbook. With not much material 'things' to offer, will he be good enough for her? That's when you realize it's not the material things that matter.”

After just about two months of posing for photos, taking pictures, setting the scenes and editing, Colin and Li Yi’s film was finished. “Shooting with iStopMotion was great as we could use a DSLR camera,” Colin said. “We used the Nikon D3100 which was great because I could control the aperture to get a good depth of field. The onion skinning really helped as well – to match each movement as smoothly as possible. Although we could have removed some of the imperfections, we decided to leave them in. We felt the imperfections of the film would give it a more human touch and add much more character.” We think it couldn't be better. And remember, it’s always in season to share nice messages (and nice iStopMotion animations) with the ones you love!

Check out how Colin and Li Yi made "The Best Christmas Gift"!