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by Megan - -

People sure do change a lot over the years! From hair cuts to growth spurts to changes in style (remember that favorite shirt you almost never took off that hasn’t seen the light of day in years? Or maybe that’s just me…), even after one year, we’re bound to look pretty different. iStopMotion user Henry documented those changes over the course of three and a half years, starting the summer before he began seventh grade.

Using Boinx Software’s iStopMotion, Henry turned his photos into an awesome time lapse video, “One Picture Every Day.” Watch as he transforms over the years at a rate of 20 frames per second, packing about 1,200 days into one minute. So if you’re as curious as I am to see yourself evolve over time, break out your cameras and start the photo shoot (just one photo per day, folks)! Plus, with iStopMotion for iPad, it’s as easy as snapping a pic right from your iPad.

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by Megan - -

If you ever thought a LEGO couldn’t fly, you’d be sorely mistaken. With stop motion animation, LEGOs, or any inanimate objects for that matter, can do pretty much anything! Spugesdu, LEGO and stop motion animation enthusiast, held Just Another LEGO Animation Contest to see exactly what those LEGOs – with the help of their animators – were capable of. And because we love stop motion animation so much, we sponsored the contest!

The results are in and winners have been named! The grand winner, legendaryplastic, was awarded iStopMotion Pro, while the three runner-ups each won an iStopMotion Express. Check out their LEGO stop motion animations and get inspired to break out your LEGO sets of yesteryear for some stop motion animation (or just good old LEGO – we don’t judge) fun!

The Grand Winner
“A Lego’s Will to Fly” by legendaryplastic
The Runner-Ups
“Gold Discovery” by TheWittenburger
“The Great Temple Discovery” by minifigurestudios
“Lego Star Wars” by DarksideLegoStudios

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by Megan - -

Back in January at Macworld | iWorld, we had the chance to meet iStopMotion animator Gordon Straub, who came by the Boinx Software booth to demo iStopMotion for iPad for us. Gordon, at just 17 years old, even gave a tech talk on stop motion animation at the big iFan event called Get Started or Improve Your Techniques Making Stop-Action Movies with iStopMotion. A popular session at Macworld, Gordon gave attendees tips and tricks on how to use iStopMotion and more.

Still catching up on all of the aftermath of the big show is Chuck Joiner, host of MacVoicesTV, The Talk of the Mac Community. Chuck sat down with the young animator for an episode of the podcast to get the scoop on Gordon’s gig as one of the youngest presenters at Macworld, iStopMotion animation and his future as an animator.

When Chuck asks Gordon how he got into stop motion animation and what he finds intriguing about it, Gordon tells him, “Things that normally you couldn’t move by yourself, seeing them move is really, sort of magical to me.” Gordon has been animating with iStopMotion since he was in middle school.

This is something that all us old guys have to get used to – that you have been able to use this stuff since you were in middle school, if not before. To us, a lot of it is new and cool, but we don’t always get the same kind of inspiration that you do,” comments Chuck. “This kind of videography – you can do a lot more with it, and especially with iStopMotion; it makes it so approachable so that you don’t have to use, say clay figures or anything like that. You can pretty much take anything you want to animate and go for it.”

Watch or listen to the podcast for the full discussion between Chuck and Gordon. And if you’re looking for a stop motion animator on any project, Gordon’s for hire!

Check out all of Gordon's Moose Movies productions here!

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by Megan - -

Happy spring everyone! It’s been a busy month for us Boinx folks. I just returned from a trip to Palm Springs for the annual CUE conference (that’s Computer-Using Educators) – what a success! The conference, which is one of the biggest tech conferences in California, was packed with teachers, tech coordinates, students (though just on Saturday, of course!) and more, seeking out the latest in technology for education. It was the perfect opportunity for us to showcase BoinxTV, iStopMotion 2, and iStopMotion for iPad, and all of their educational benefits for tech savvy teachers and students.

Not only did we get a lot of positive feedback from attendees (some may or may not have purchased the iStopMotion for iPad app while at our booth…), but it was so encouraging to see just how big of a role technology plays in the classroom, and how students and teachers alike are embracing it. There was even an exhibit dedicated to showcasing projects that students have created using technology like the iPad. Seeing first hand how confident these young students are was very impressive. Just another example of how, when you put technology in the hands of children, they will do truly amazing things with it.

Find out more about Boinx products for education!
iStopMotion for Education

BoinxTV for Education
For the University

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by Oliver - -

Achim, our resident Origami champ, has created a paper iPhone stand to be used with the iStopMotion Remote Camera and iStopMotion for iPad. Download the PDF and follow the "instructions" in this video to assemble it. The stand is also featured in our iStopMotion for iPad ad!

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by Megan - -

A true love story told in a matter of frames and just a few minutes tells the story of the kind of love that lasts a lifetime. Colin and his fiancé Li Yi illustrate, or should I say, animate, this perfectly in their stop motion film, “The Best Christmas Gift.” Okay, we know the holidays are over, but at Boinx, we believe there’s never a bad time to spread Christmas cheer – and when we stumbled upon an iStopMotion animation as lovely as this one, we knew we couldn’t wait for next December to share it with the world.

When the film starts out, Colin is just a figure in a newspaper clipping on a kitchen counter. He pops out, and after a quick smell check, begins his adventure in which he discovers the girl of his dreams, Li Yi, in a cookbook, quietly stirring a bowl of fruit juice. Quickly, he does a costume change into a fancy shirt and tie and introduces himself. It’s like a scene out of Toy Story when the owner of the house walks in and Colin and Li Yi fall down as if they’re inanimate objects - because well, they kind of are.

Relocated to the other side of the room by its owner, Colin must make his way through the kitchen obstacles to get to the cookbook and Li Yi. In the end, he discovers that it’s not his fancy shirt or muscles (did we mention he throws on a set of muscles? You’ll have to watch the film to see that!) that make her love him – it’s who he is inside.

The inspiration to create the story came when we saw how stressed people got when trying to find a present for loved ones. I was thinking of what the best Christmas gift could be and, when you boil it down, all a person wants is to be happy – and I don't think there is anything that makes a person happier than to be loved for who they really are, or rather, in spite of who they really are,” says Colin. “I wanted to show it in its most basic form. A newspaper cutout of a black and white character falls for a girl in a glossy cookbook. With not much material 'things' to offer, will he be good enough for her? That's when you realize it's not the material things that matter.”

After just about two months of posing for photos, taking pictures, setting the scenes and editing, Colin and Li Yi’s film was finished. “Shooting with iStopMotion was great as we could use a DSLR camera,” Colin said. “We used the Nikon D3100 which was great because I could control the aperture to get a good depth of field. The onion skinning really helped as well – to match each movement as smoothly as possible. Although we could have removed some of the imperfections, we decided to leave them in. We felt the imperfections of the film would give it a more human touch and add much more character.” We think it couldn't be better. And remember, it’s always in season to share nice messages (and nice iStopMotion animations) with the ones you love!

Check out how Colin and Li Yi made "The Best Christmas Gift"!

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