Elementary Students Step Into the Role of Broadcasters

by Megan -

At West Tisbury School in Massachusetts, a group of students meets every week to shoot their own television show, which is put on display for their classmates and teachers to see each week. How do they do it, you ask? With BoinxTV, of course!

Using the “studio-in-a-box,” teacher Valerie Becker and her “news crew” are able to create WTS-TV, without the need for a studio or expensive editing gear. “This is not a TV production class – it’s a group of dedicated students who are enthusiastic about learning the art of broadcast. But because it's not a class, we’re always on the lookout for vacant classrooms to use for creating the show,” says Becker. “That’s what makes this so impressive, that we're able to do that, because the entire 'studio' is on the computer.

WTS-TV episodes, which air in the entryway of the school Monday through Friday all week long, cover all West Tisbury School activities, from sporting events to spelling bees and talent shows to school trips. They even list all of the birthdays each week, giving every member of the school their fair share of airtime. Through the production process, students on either end, whether they’re the interviewer or subject, have the opportunity to learn from a unique experience. They’re able to build confidence, learn the art of interviewing and storytelling, and share their West Tisbury experience with peers, building a strong school community and awareness of school events.

Each week is better than the last,” says Becker of the students’ progress after only a few months of using the software. “BoinxTV is a wonderful tool for elementary students to experience the roles and responsibilities of broadcasting. If we were able to offer a formal class in broadcasting, I would unhesitatingly use BoinxTV.

Becker and her students have been successfully shooting and airing WTS episodes since December 2011 and are looking forward to expanding their skills as a TV production crew. Check out past episodes of WTS-TV here!