Jeff Scher Creates Synesthetic Musical Experience with iStopMotion

by Megan -

Boinx Software Chronicles regular and iStopMotion buff Jeff Scher recently teamed with LA band American Royalty to create the music video for their latest EP, Matchstick. The band, which bills itself as “an unlikely yet glowingly functional blend of dark garage rock and poignant electronica,” lightens the mood for this track with upbeat piano chords and a music video to match – vibrant colors and fun shapes (plus some other fantastic images) ensue.

Scher, a painter and experimental filmmaker, made the film using iStopMotion, shooting a series of images he painted on inch-wide canvases live under camera. In the video, Scher somehow expertly paints the music, creating the visual version of Matchstick, giving the viewer a bout of synesthesia. Watch and be amazed at how the music comes alive right in front of you – images speed up and slow down in perfect pace with the tempo, colors match perfectly with the tone and feel of the music. During the bridge, American Royalty breaks into electronica chaos, and Scher doesn’t miss a beat, throwing in a mishmash of lines, dots, people, trees and geometric shapes. Scher’s contemporary yet psychedelic images were drawn and/or painted with crayons and watercolors, and with iStopMotion, transform into the perfect visual translation of Matchstick.

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