Wired.com Names iStopMotion for iPad a “Killer” Macworld App

by Megan -

Macworld | iWorld 2012 was the ultimate setting for Boinx to solidify iStopMotion for iPad’s status as one of the hottest household tech items of the year – but being handpicked by Wired.com as one of the coolest new apps of 2012 certainly doesn’t hurt. We set up shop in the Mobile Apps Showcase on the showroom floor of the Moscone Center with about 75 other mobile app developers, and of them, Wired selected its favorites – eight in total.

Though the fans (or iFans, as they were called) ruled the show this year, the iOS apps showcase became one of the main attractions. In it, attendees could check out all the awesome new apps making a splash in the world of Apple lovers. One of the criteria for being among the chosen few for Wired is developing an app that points “to interesting new directions for mobile content.”

Bringing stop motion animation to the iPad certainly has been an exciting feat for us at Boinx, and we’re honored to be recognized by Wired, a popular thought-leader in the technology industry, as blazing the trail for mobile content.

Christina Bonnington, Wired.com, reports, “Hardcore computer users will argue that tablets like the iPad can't really be used for content creation -- that tablets don't have the processing power or precision control for content production. This new app shows critics they're wrong, leveraging the unique hardware package that only a tablet provides. Whether you're a budding filmmaker or just a bored iPad owner, you can have tons of fun messing around with the new iStopMotion iPad app.”

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