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At West Tisbury School in Massachusetts, a group of students meets every week to shoot their own television show, which is put on display for their classmates and teachers to see each week. How do they do it, you ask? With BoinxTV, of course!

Using the “studio-in-a-box,” teacher Valerie Becker and her “news crew” are able to create WTS-TV, without the need for a studio or expensive editing gear. “This is not a TV production class – it’s a group of dedicated students who are enthusiastic about learning the art of broadcast. But because it's not a class, we’re always on the lookout for vacant classrooms to use for creating the show,” says Becker. “That’s what makes this so impressive, that we're able to do that, because the entire 'studio' is on the computer.

WTS-TV episodes, which air in the entryway of the school Monday through Friday all week long, cover all West Tisbury School activities, from sporting events to spelling bees and talent shows to school trips. They even list all of the birthdays each week, giving every member of the school their fair share of airtime. Through the production process, students on either end, whether they’re the interviewer or subject, have the opportunity to learn from a unique experience. They’re able to build confidence, learn the art of interviewing and storytelling, and share their West Tisbury experience with peers, building a strong school community and awareness of school events.

Each week is better than the last,” says Becker of the students’ progress after only a few months of using the software. “BoinxTV is a wonderful tool for elementary students to experience the roles and responsibilities of broadcasting. If we were able to offer a formal class in broadcasting, I would unhesitatingly use BoinxTV.

Becker and her students have been successfully shooting and airing WTS episodes since December 2011 and are looking forward to expanding their skills as a TV production crew. Check out past episodes of WTS-TV here!

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by Megan - -

Boinx Software Chronicles regular and iStopMotion buff Jeff Scher recently teamed with LA band American Royalty to create the music video for their latest EP, Matchstick. The band, which bills itself as “an unlikely yet glowingly functional blend of dark garage rock and poignant electronica,” lightens the mood for this track with upbeat piano chords and a music video to match – vibrant colors and fun shapes (plus some other fantastic images) ensue.

Scher, a painter and experimental filmmaker, made the film using iStopMotion, shooting a series of images he painted on inch-wide canvases live under camera. In the video, Scher somehow expertly paints the music, creating the visual version of Matchstick, giving the viewer a bout of synesthesia. Watch and be amazed at how the music comes alive right in front of you – images speed up and slow down in perfect pace with the tempo, colors match perfectly with the tone and feel of the music. During the bridge, American Royalty breaks into electronica chaos, and Scher doesn’t miss a beat, throwing in a mishmash of lines, dots, people, trees and geometric shapes. Scher’s contemporary yet psychedelic images were drawn and/or painted with crayons and watercolors, and with iStopMotion, transform into the perfect visual translation of Matchstick.

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by Megan - -

Episode 27 of thePadcast, which posts videos covering “iPad news, reviews and a few how-to’s,” featured iStopMotion for iPad. Like us, the guys at thePadcast are passionate about Apple products – namely, the iPad – and they are here to show viewers how to get the most out of the “magical device,” as they call it. One way they can do that is through Boinx’s iStopMotion for iPad. The guys walk viewers through a quick and easy demo of our stop motion app creating an animation on the spot, using the iStopMotion Remote Camera on an iPhone 4S to shoot frames.

In the episode, they give a great explanation of iStopMotion for iPad’s features and capabilities as well as a helpful demonstration of exactly how it works. “It was a lot of fun,” says thePadcast. “I’m not creative, but you know what? I could have fun with this for hours. If you are the creative type and you ever wanted to play with stop motion, Boinx just made it incredibly easy to do ... The guys at Boinx, they make some cool stuff.” Thanks, thePadcast, we think you do, too!

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Macworld | iWorld 2012 was the ultimate setting for Boinx to solidify iStopMotion for iPad’s status as one of the hottest household tech items of the year – but being handpicked by Wired.com as one of the coolest new apps of 2012 certainly doesn’t hurt. We set up shop in the Mobile Apps Showcase on the showroom floor of the Moscone Center with about 75 other mobile app developers, and of them, Wired selected its favorites – eight in total.

Though the fans (or iFans, as they were called) ruled the show this year, the iOS apps showcase became one of the main attractions. In it, attendees could check out all the awesome new apps making a splash in the world of Apple lovers. One of the criteria for being among the chosen few for Wired is developing an app that points “to interesting new directions for mobile content.”

Bringing stop motion animation to the iPad certainly has been an exciting feat for us at Boinx, and we’re honored to be recognized by Wired, a popular thought-leader in the technology industry, as blazing the trail for mobile content.

Christina Bonnington, Wired.com, reports, “Hardcore computer users will argue that tablets like the iPad can't really be used for content creation -- that tablets don't have the processing power or precision control for content production. This new app shows critics they're wrong, leveraging the unique hardware package that only a tablet provides. Whether you're a budding filmmaker or just a bored iPad owner, you can have tons of fun messing around with the new iStopMotion iPad app.”

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