O Christmas Tree

by Megan -

If you celebrate Christmas, you know setting up and decorating the Christmas tree is one of the best parts of the holiday (minus stringing the lights – at least in my family). No matter what you celebrate, decorating in general with friends and family is such a heartwarming tradition we always look forward to at this time of the year. For iStopMotion enthusiast, Howard and his family, setting up the Christmas tree is still a work in progress.

I've only been doing Christmas trees for a couple of years so I'm still learning … such as, plug the lights in before putting them on the tree, to ensure there aren't problems such as broken bulbs,” he tells us, sharing one of the wisest pieces of advice anyone can use when setting up lights of any kind. As a kid helping my mom string the lights on the Christmas tree, those pesky bulbs threatening the use of an entire set of lights were the bane of our existence, but I digress.

To show off their decorating skills, Howard recorded a time lapse of the Christmas tree set up, using iStopMotion for iPad, iStopMotion Remote Camera on an iPhone 5 and iMovie on the iPad to add a soundtrack, some titles and edit out some uneventful chunks. What does he love about iStopMotion for iPad? “The great immediate feedback, and the use of the iPhone as the camera wirelessly.”

But Tim Burton wannabes can relax – for now.

With a three year old now, and a new baby due in February, I don't see me unleashing my latent skills as a master animator any time soon, but I hope Jacob, my son, will pick up my interest and run with it in a few years,” Howard tells us. “I was interested in stop motion in college (late 80's) but didn't have the stability of location, time, and discipline, to do anything with 8mm film at the time. iStopMotion really is a game changer!

Thanks Howard! Happy decorating to all!