iStopMotion Enters the Mac Review Zone

by Megan -

iStopMotion is all about making stop motion animation easy and fun, and Colin of the Mac Review Zone agrees that it is, in fact, successful in its attempt to "take the drudgery out of creating stop motion video." Here's a glimpse of his review of iStopMotion, including why he thinks it's great for both beginners and professionals, and why he recommends the software:

"Other features that are highlighted in iStopMotion are the onion skinning option––which shows multiple fames in one overlay–– as well as lip-sync, color-correction, and tilt shift options. The quantity and variety of features included in iStopMotion mean that it has widespread appeal––there is something here for more advanced stop motion enthusiasts, but there is definitely something here to attract kids or amateurs. The program is extremely accessible for beginners, but doesn’t compromise on features that might be used to make very effective professional stop motion films.

"Overall, I was very impressed with the intuitive features that really lent themselves to ease of use. The software includes high-quality tools, but without any confusing setup––which keeps the software kid-friendly. I did run into some minor bugs the first few times I used iStopMotion, but aside from this, the software ran extremely well. I would certainly recommend this software to anyone who is enthusiastic about creating short animations. My only bit of advice would be to make sure you have an external camera to use––it will certainly make the animation process easier for you."

Read the Mac Review Zone's full review of iStopMotion here! View the video above to see what Colin created with Boinx Software's iStopMotion.