The New Resident On Toy Street

by Megan -

There’s a new toy on Toy Street – and whatever he, she or it is, this new neighbor is different from the rest. An iStopMotion film made by WightKnight Studios, the film above is the trailer for The New Resident On Toy Street, a film “based on make believe.

WightKnight created the trailer using iStopMotion for iPad paired with the iStopMotion Remote Camera on the iPhone to capture frames. He then used Apple’s iMovie app on the iPad to add effects and upload to YouTube. His favorite thing about the app – “The best thing I found using iStopMotion for iPad was it allowed me to set up a remote camera wirelessly so I could get in close and manipulate the scene with ease.

Keep an eye out for the full-length film from WightKnight, and the next time a new family moves into your neighborhood, beware… before you end up on a “journey of no return.