The iPad mini and iPad Fourth Generation Go Head to Head

by Megan -

With the recent release of the iPad mini and iPad fourth generation, we of course couldn’t wait to get our hands on the latest tablets from Apple. As soon as we configured the devices, we loaded them up with iStopMotion for iPad and took them to the streets – or actually, to the fields – where we had a little iStopMotion for iPad faceoff!

Bastian and crew set the iPads up, strapping the iPad mini in with their special “patented” rubber stand. Queue the Bavarian sunset timelapse. Watch the video above to see how the iPad mini “stacks up” to its big brother, the iPad. You can see that the colors appear quite different, and the iPad mini has a larger aperture angle. So, which would you prefer? iPad mini or iPad fourth gen.? You be the judge! Either way it’s a win-win, since iStopMotion for iPad works on either one! Enjoy :)