MacLife Says: Show Off Your Photos With FotoMagico 4!

by Megan -

J.R. Bookwalter of MacLife took a good, long look at FotoMagico 4, and here is (some of) what he has to say about it:

"Previous versions of FotoMagico offered a simplistic Storyboard mode, with each individual image appearing as a slide-like icon of equal size, regardless of the length of time it would appear. While this might have make for a cleaner way to work, it wasn’t very intuitive for advanced users, so Boinx added a second method: Timeline.

Timeline displays photos and videos as horizontal clips that expand and contract as you adjust their length, with a small tab that overlaps adjoining clips when you insert a transition between them. It’s a bit like video-editing software, complete with audio tracks that appear as a waveform, making it easier to sync images to a soundtrack.

Our favorite new feature in FotoMagico 4 is Audio Marker, which allows the length of individual slides to automatically adjust to markers placed on the audio track. Rather than tediously adjusting the length of each slide by hand, users simply click play and tap the “M” key to place a marker wherever you want the next slide to start."

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