FotoMagico 4 Creates Gorgeous Slideshows - Take Their Advice

by Megan -

Photographer and app reviewer, Juli Clover of App Advice checked out FotoMagico 4, and was pleasantly surprised with what she found. "Creating a slideshow with FotoMagico 4 was incredibly simple. I went into this review thinking I would have to spend serious time going over instructions and directions since I don’t make a lot of slideshows, but that was not the case."

"With FotoMagico 4, you can create impressive, gorgeous slideshows that look professionally put together, even if you’re an amateur computer user. The app is so intuitive and simple to use that you can open it up and create a complex photo show within a half an hour.

It does come with a demo slideshow that you’ll want to open up and check out to see all of the impressive things that it can do.

This app is the perfect solution for professional and aspiring photographers. You can whip up amazing slideshows of your photos for clients with no hassle at all, and then share them in a variety of ways."

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