FotoMagico 4: The Slideshow Software You Need

by Megan -

The Wired Educator took FotoMagico 4 for a spin and was pleasantly surprised at what he found. Here's a taste of his review:

This is the slideshow software you want. This is the slideshow software you need.

I am so impressed with Boinx’s FotoMagico 4! To be honest, my expectations for “slideshow software” weren’t very high. I have always enjoyed Boinx’s software in the past, but I thought, “What more could you really want from slideshow software?

Boy was I wrong! FotoMagico 4 delivers and easy to use interface with an assortment of professional tools allowing you to create commercial quality slideshows with music and multiple effects in just a few clicks. Slideshows like you’ve never seen before! You know… the ‘wow’ effect!

This is the slideshow software I will be using for my classroom, school, and home. I didn’t know I needed it, and now I wouldn’t do a slideshow without it. I like the image quality, the flexibility control with which I can create, and its fast performance. I love finding new software gems like this.

Typical slideshow software gives you very little control of what you are doing. FotoMagico’s controls and options are robust. It has similar features to iMovie but with more creative input and control than iPhoto and everything is much faster and simpler.

The bottom line is you can create amazing slideshows easily. I am talking about slideshows that will leave you audience guessing, “How’d he do that?”

So, did FotoMagico 4 make the grade? You betcha! The Wired Educator gave our slideshow software an A+! Read the full review here.