FotoMagico 4 is the Center of Mac360's Attention

by Megan -

According to Mac360, "The Mac’s Coolest Photo Slideshow And Video App Just Got Better (and less expensive)," so of course they had to check it out for themselves. So they got up close and personal with the latest version of FotoMagico, giving it the up and down from every angle. Here's what they've got to say about FotoMagico 4 after putting it through its paces.

How many applications are on your Mac that you truly love to use? Safari? Browsers are pretty much the same. Mail? Please.

iTunes? Too cluttered. iPhoto gets used often, but many of us who have used it for years often long for it to do more. If you’re ready for professional grade photo slideshows with video, audio, and moving text, then you’re ready for an app you can love.

Static Photos That Move
We’ve reviewed FotoMagico a few times in the past. It’s one of few professional-level slideshow apps for the Mac that combine photos, videos, audio, and text.

It takes only a few minutes to realize that FotoMagico is the brainchild of a photographer, not an app developer looking to make a quick buck.

FotoMagico brings a unique interface to slideshow creation. Drag and drop photos, video clips, text, music and sound to create a full-fledged motion production with high precision tools.

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