Capturing a Moment in Time

by Megan -

When fall arrives and the leaves on the trees begin to transform into magnificent reds and yellows and golds, the feeling that you’ve just witnessed a bit of magic seems undeniable. But capturing that sensation seems almost impossible without altering it in some way. Leave it to iStopMotion guru, artist, and experimental filmmaker Jeff Scher to accomplish just that. In his latest film for The New York Times Opinion Page, Scher doesn’t just animate a series of what must be hundreds of leaves meticulously collected on the walk to and from school with his sons, he gives them life.

And because I couldn’t say it any better myself, I’ll leave you with Jeff’s own words, as featured on The New York Times Opinion Page:

After a few cold nights the colors come on like glowing embers. Then they burst into flame. They crackle in flickering reds, yellows and electric greens. They are beautiful and surreal against the infinite blues of a chilly October afternoon sky. Entire landscapes are transformed into a state of agitated Technicolor. It’s nature’s color-coded warning of the approaching longer nights and colder days sneaking up the calendar.

Beautifully said and beautifully done! Watch Jeff Scher’s film Leaf and Death and learn more about how he made it here. Don't forget to share your own interpretation of the changing of seasons with us! Submit iStopMotion clips here.