Dropping Into No Man’s Land

by Megan -

Exploring a volcano may not be on everyone’s bucket list, but for Keir Ansell, designer and self-proclaimed tech addict (and Boinx-proclaimed adrenaline junkie), it was just something he had to do. To be fair, the volcano, Thrihnukagigur (yeah, we didn’t bother trying to pronounce that either), is dormant, and has been so for the past 4,000 years. Aside from it’s three peaks – Thrihnukagigur actually literally translates as “Three Peaks Crater” – what makes this volcano stand out is that it’s the only known dormant volcano that hasn’t imploded. In the opening of a FotoMagico video he created of his trip to this Icelandic landmark, Keir writes:

In early May 2012, I read an article on a news website about the currently dormant volcano, Thrihnukagigur.

By the time I had finished the article I was convinced that it was somewhere I wanted to go, and a few hours later, me and a friend were already planning the trip.

A few weeks later we were sitting on a plane on our way to be some of the first people to set foot inside the only known volcano that hasn’t collapsed in on itself.

To commemorate their exploration of Thrihnukagigur, Keir also explored another new territory: FotoMagico 4 Beta. He created a slideshow of the trip, using photos and video clips combined with titles, which help explain what you’re seeing in some of the pictures. For example, to explain why the rocky walls are multiple colors, Keir titles one slide, “Heat from magma draws the minerals from the rocks creating the range of colours.

The best feature is FotoMagico's ability to use full resolution photos rather than compressing them to the point where the quality is terrible (which is what iPhoto/iMovie/Aperture does),” Keir says. “It’s very easy to use, and I was also able to produce a slideshow at my Retina MacBook Pro's resolution which just looks fantastic!

And the best news of all? FotoMagico 4 is officially ready for action! Check it out here - and share your FotoMagico masterpiece with us!