Bring On The Magic With FotoMagico 4

by Megan -

After much anticipation, FotoMagico 4 is officially here! We’d like to thank all of our Beta testers who jumped on our bandwagon earlier this summer, and offered us useful feedback to help perfect the software. Even if you didn’t test out FotoMagico 4 beta, it’s all good! FotoMagico 4 is here to stay. Here are some of the key features that have been upgraded and added to our slideshow software, making it the best yet. We know you'll love it!

Mix and Match Photos, Videos and Titles on a Single Slide
A limitless amount of combinations means a story that can be told in unlimited ways. Users can now easily work with up to six layers per slide, allowing a multitude of combinations of images, videos and titles. Animate a variety of unique titles, add picture-in-picture effects, display movies on images, and more.

It’s Your Story, Tell It the Way You Want To
Timing is everything - especially when it comes to storytelling. FotoMagico 4’s new Timeline mode is perfect for making precise adjustments to each individual slide’s duration as well as the transition length between slides. Users can now toggle between the original Storyboard view, which allows them to easily rearrange slides, and the Timeline view, which gives them total control over timing.

Sync Sound Like Never Before
Perfect harmony between music and images is essential to telling your story. Seeing the Audio Waveform helps users to match slides with music at just the right moments, as well as adjust volume and fades right from the Timeline. Syncing music and photos is now even easier by simply setting Audio Markers to trigger transitions in the slideshow.

Slideshows So Real You’ll Want to Step Inside
With the MacBook Pro’s new Retina display, creating slideshows with FotoMagico 4 is an immersive experience. Images are so vivid and so real, the experience pulls you in and compels you to create a slideshow as vibrant as the real images themselves.

The Little Things that Make a Big Difference
Beyond its groundbreaking features, FotoMagico 4 delivers a sleeker and more intuitive user workspace. For example, both the Storyboard and Timeline display popover alerts for common authoring errors and offer simple one-click solutions to problems when they arise. Existing users will also find that many controls and elements are exactly where they think they should be.

Get FotoMagico 4 today!

We hope you enjoy FotoMagico 4 as much as we do! And don’t forget to share your photo magic with us – submit your FotoMagico 4 masterpiece here.