iStopMotion for iPad Wins Editors Choice

by Oliver -

Live from Macworld | iWorld 2012, Boinx is pleased to announce we've been awarded The Mac Observers Editors Choice Award 2012 for iStopMotion for iPad! The first day of the show has been quite exciting, with many people stopping by the Boinx booth (818 - 2J) to get a hands-on look at iStopMotion for iPad. We even have Eli Africa, of the Children's Creativity Museum, demoing his stop motion skills at the booth today, so we'll be sure to post some of his videos later this week. Stop by the the 'Winner's Circle' (our friends over at Smile just across the way won an award, too!) in the Mobile Apps Showcase to try out iStopMotion for iPad yourself, speak with the Boinx crew, and pick up some fun little freebies!