It's September... You Know What That Means!

by Cara -

This back to school season, educators all over the world are including a new tool in their teaching curricula - BoinxTV. I've learned that as more and more educators begin to integrate technology into the classroom, BoinxTV has quickly become a fan favorite among students and teachers alike for its user-friendly workflow and engaging video production capabilities. From creating a school news show, to broadcasting school events, conducting live interviews, or even making a full documentary, BoinxTV makes classroom projects more vivid and exciting - and kids really do love it!

"The BoinxTV application is like having a TV studio in the classroom," says Peter Goetz, Kentfield School District. "The look, feel, and results are very professional, and the students fall right into their roles as engineers, writers, directors, pundits, or special guests. Whether filming high-resolution videos or broadcasting a news show to a uStream audience, this is a classy and cost-effective way to do realistic media production with teenagers."

I think one of the most rewarding things about BoinxTV is that it gives students an immediate sense of achievement and satisfaction. It keeps them interested and engaged by simplifying the video production workflow and producing immediate results in real time. Kids can create their very own news show - just like CNN or the Today Show - in just one classroom period. "We use BoinxTV for our live news program," says Zachary McNaughton, Digital Audio & Video Electronics Instructor, RVTC School District. "We love the software for what it does! It gives us the look and feel we need during the live show and also eliminates editing for us after the live production. This year we will be building a real new set and really spicing things up for the show. The kids can't wait!"

There are so many ways educators and schools can use BoinxTV to engage kids in the learning process, help build teamwork skills, and introduce them to important technology workflows. Click here to find out all the ways BoinxTV can be used to spice up your classroom this fall!