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As you may have already seen at (http://bitnapping.tv/episodes/2010/5/5/bitnappingtv-094-streaming-with-boinxtv.html), streaming from BoinxTV currently works using free 3rd party software. A while ago, Teradek released a fine product called the Cube, that simplifies the process of streaming quite dramatically.

The cube is basically a small box with HDMI and analog audio input that can connect to a wired or wireless network and convert the video input to different types of network streams. For local networks, it supports RTSP and HTTP-Live Stream (HLS). So if you simply want to stream inside a closed network, one of these would be your method of choice. If you want to stream to the Internet, the Cube so far supported streaming to livestream.com but with the latest firmware update, Teradek added generic RTMP streaming, what means, streaming to any Adobe Flash Media or Wowza Server (that most streaming platforms use) is now also possible.

All that is required to get you streaming using the Cube is a HDMI cable and adapter, an audio cable and a Teradek Cube (e.g. the Cube 200).

The cabling is pretty easy, plug the adapter from your secondary monitor output in (like a Mini Displayport to HDMI or DVI to HDMI) adapter, connect the adapter and the Cube with the HDMI cable an finally plug the audio cable into the Cube and into the main audio out of your computer (you might want to add a splitter if you want to use headphones for monitoring meanwhile. It sounds much more complicated than it actually is. Take a quick look at the photo and you'll understand the cabling immediately.

Now you need to configure the Cube. Plug in an Ethernet cable in your network and open the TeraCentral software that comes on the tiny thumbdrive and select "Configure Settings".

After logging in, head to "Video Setup" > "Device Settings" and make sure your Audio Input settings are correct. The Cube should automatically recognize the video input settings. Sometimes the video resolution of the Mac can't be recognized properly, in that case, you need to adjust it all by hand. If you set you resolution in "System Preferences" > "Displays" e.g. to 720p and 50hz, choose "720p50" in the "Video Input Resolution" drop down, if you made other adjustments in "System Preferences", set it here accordingly. Now also set the Colorspace using the "Video Input Colorspace" drop down. Normally this has to be set to RGB. Afterwards, click "Apply" and wait a moment for the Cube to process your settings.

Now head to "Video Setup" > "Encoder Settings" and adjust your Primary Encoder. The settings depend on what your streaming destination allows you to send. For Standard definition 512k is fine and it complies with the maximum settings of most of the free accounts most platforms offer.

For the final streaming setup go to "Video Setup" > "Stream Settings".


If you plan to stream to livestream.com (which we can really recommend), select "Live Internet Streaming". All you need to do now, is entering your livestream.com credentials and hit "Verify Login". Under "Livestream Channel Settings" you might want to configure a few additional settings. When everything is set, click "Apply" to save your changes.

To start streaming to livestream.com, all you need to do is heading to the "Stream Settings" page everytime you want to start a stream and hit the "Start Broadcast" button. Once your broadcast is over, click the "Stop Broadcast" button on the same page.

Generic RTMP Streaming

If you plan to stream to other services, like justin.tv or any other platform that supports RTMP (ask their support if you are not sure), your need the 5.x firmware that you can get from the Teradek Forums and an additional license, that can be obtained for free from Teradek. Just contact [email protected] with the serial number and Ethernet MAC Address of your Cube to request a license. Once installed, switch the "Stream Mode" to RTMP and enter the RTMP Server URL and the Stream ID in the appropriate fields.

You can find these settings e.g. in the advanced tabs of the various streaming platforms, Or you can download a Flash Media encoder XML from them that contains these values. 

Here is an example excerpt of the justin.tv XML:


You can also ask the support staff of the platform in question, they'll be most certainly able to give you the information required.

After entering these credentials, hit "Apply" to save the changes.

If you have a valid signal and the encoder works properly, click "Start Broadcast" to start streaming. In case you want the Cube to start the stream once Signal is recognized, set "Auto Start Broadcast" to "Enabled". Like this, streaming is just a matter of connecting the Cube.

Having set this all up, the Cube is ready to go, now there is only one thing left to do: Tell BoinxTV to play its output through HDMI. 

Live playout through HDMI and Line Out

Open your document, make all the adjustments needed and ensure that the HDMI adapter and cable is connected to the Cube. At first, click the headphones icon on the top right, select "Built-in Output" as the playthrough device and enable playthrough. Now hold the option key on the keyboard and click the Fullscreen button on the top right.

In the sheet that appears, select the secondary screen (make sure the main BoinxTV window is on the main screen) and choose the desired resolution and refresh rate. For example, if you set the Cube to expect 720p50 choose 1280x720 with a refresh rate of 50 Hertz. When everything is alright, klick "OK" and be ready to stream. (If your setup is not set to autostart the stream, all you have to do is log into the web interface and click "Start Broadcast").

The fantastic thing about this solution is, that you need to set it up only once. From then on, streaming is as easy as connecting a cable and you don't have to worry if there is enough CPU power left to encode a web stream. Apart from the ease of use, with this setup it is suddenly possible to do a high resolution web stream with a not so powerful computer like a MacBook Air. 

Find out more about the Teradek Cube on their Web site at www.teradek.com.

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Stuff Gadget Awards 2011

We were just notified that Stuff Magazine, the world's biggest-selling gadget magazine, has shortlisted You Gotta See This! for the Stuff Gadget Awards within the 'App of the Year 2011' category. The Stuff Gadget Awards are a platform to showcase the top gadgets and gizmos of the past year by offering a chance for tech-lovers across the country to vote for their favorites! We are so thrilled to be shortlisted for the awards this year - now we just need YOU to head on over to the Stuff Gadget Awards 2011 site to vote for You Gotta See This! Everyone that votes will be automatically entered for a chance to win one of four pairs of tickets to the glamourous event in London on November 2, 2011, where you'll get to rub shoulders with the charming Stuff team, meet awesome tech developers, and witness the glittering ceremony with special guests.

So, what are you waiting for?!? Head on over to the official voting site now and choose You Gotta See This! for Stuff Magazine's App of the Year 2011. Hurry, voting ends on October 10, 2011. Tell your friends, family and colleagues to vote too! We'd REALLY love to win!

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Want to learn how to create your very own stop motion animations, just like Fantastic Mr. Fox, or Wallace & Gromit, or even Coraline? Are you going to be in Hamburg on Wednesday, September 28th? Then you must stop by the brand new Apple Store in Hamburg from 6pm to 7pm for a special workshop dedicated to our very own iStopMotion! Teacher, Hannes Beecken, and his students will show guests how to use iStopMotion for fun, for work, and for the classroom.

If you are in the area on Wednesday, don't miss out on this special workshop - it will have you creating stop motion animations in no time! The new Apple Store in Hamburg is located at Jungfernstieg 1220354. Be there, or be square!

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This past July we were fortunate enough to be a sponsor of the eighth annual Animation Block Party, the premier animation festival of the East Coast. This year's festival took place in Brooklyn at Rooftop Films and BAMcinématek, where thousands of filmmakers submitted their animated shorts for screening. Awards were given out for everything from Best in Show, to Original Design, Experimental Film, Minute or Under, Animation for Kids, and more.

As a sponsor, we donated an iStopMotion license to be given away at the festival. Our very own iStopMotion also made a big debut at this year's Animation Block Party as the program used to create the outro bumper for the festival, Person Pinball, by Aaron Hughes. The 2-minute long animation was created entirely with iStopMotion and has become hugely popular on the web with over 200,000 YouTube hits... and it was even featured on CBS News and in Wired Magazine! Watch the video here and see how human pinball takes over New York!

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The guys at Boinx Headquarters in Germany had a few VERY hot days this past summer, so to beat the heat they decided to make an iStopMotion movie poking fun at how hot it really was. Bastian took care of the camera and director "stuff" and our summer intern Peter stars as the sole actor in the film. Unfortunately, poor Peter never got to have his ice cream...

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Bob LeVitus from the Houston Chronicle had always wanted to be on television, so when he was asked to write, coproduce, and host a half-hour program known as Mac Today back in 1992, he jumped at the chance. The show was syndicated in more than 100 markets, and ran for 13 weeks. During this first brush with TV, Bob learned that creating high-quality video programming requires time, talent and money. He was bitten by the TV bug and has been thinking about doing another show ever since.

"My big problem has always been the money," says Bob. "I've got time, and I'd like to believe I've got talent. What I didn't have was a TV studio filled with all the purpose-built equipment necessary to produce a TV show." That's where BoinxTV comes in. Bob describes BoinxTV as, "a Mac application that delivers much of the functionality of a traditional TV studio at a fraction of the price. With its unique layer-based production system, BoinxTV makes it easy to create video that looks like what's on TV, be it CNN, Fox News, ESPN, HBO, or the local news."

Bob concludes his BoinxTV review by saying, "If you've ever dreamed of producing TV, BoinxTV makes it cheaper and easier than ever before." Read the complete review here!

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Dave & Charlotte Lifestyle Photographers have put together another amazing slideshow using FotoMagico. This slideshow captures Adam and Meghan's gorgeous Muskoka Bay Club wedding. "The entire slideshow was edited during dinner and then presented to guests at dessert - thanks to FotoMagico it was a total breeze," says Dave Biesse of Dave & Charlotte. "It's quick and totally awesome."

Watch this stunning video of Adam and Meghan's special day, and maybe get inspired to create your own FotoMagico slideshows to share with friends and family!

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This back to school season, educators all over the world are including a new tool in their teaching curricula - BoinxTV. I've learned that as more and more educators begin to integrate technology into the classroom, BoinxTV has quickly become a fan favorite among students and teachers alike for its user-friendly workflow and engaging video production capabilities. From creating a school news show, to broadcasting school events, conducting live interviews, or even making a full documentary, BoinxTV makes classroom projects more vivid and exciting - and kids really do love it!

"The BoinxTV application is like having a TV studio in the classroom," says Peter Goetz, Kentfield School District. "The look, feel, and results are very professional, and the students fall right into their roles as engineers, writers, directors, pundits, or special guests. Whether filming high-resolution videos or broadcasting a news show to a uStream audience, this is a classy and cost-effective way to do realistic media production with teenagers."

I think one of the most rewarding things about BoinxTV is that it gives students an immediate sense of achievement and satisfaction. It keeps them interested and engaged by simplifying the video production workflow and producing immediate results in real time. Kids can create their very own news show - just like CNN or the Today Show - in just one classroom period. "We use BoinxTV for our live news program," says Zachary McNaughton, Digital Audio & Video Electronics Instructor, RVTC School District. "We love the software for what it does! It gives us the look and feel we need during the live show and also eliminates editing for us after the live production. This year we will be building a real new set and really spicing things up for the show. The kids can't wait!"

There are so many ways educators and schools can use BoinxTV to engage kids in the learning process, help build teamwork skills, and introduce them to important technology workflows. Click here to find out all the ways BoinxTV can be used to spice up your classroom this fall!

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