David Hockney Explores the Mind's Eyes

by Cara -

I recently came across this facsinating article, The Mind's Eye, on British artist David Hockney and the amazing new project he has been working on for the past couple of years, which combines high-definition cameras, screens, software, and moving images to capture the experience of seeing. For those of you who aren't familiar with David Hockney, he is a British-born painter, draughtsman, printmaker, stage designer, and photographer considered to be one of the most influential British artists of the twentieth century. His work had huge impacts on the Pop art movement of the 1960's, and was actually very influential in the creation of our very own You Gotta See This! App. You Gotta See This! creates collages of images taken in 3D space, similar to that of "panography" or "Hockneyesque." To say the least, we are all huge fans of David's work here at Boinx!

David's current project explores the experience of seeing through a novel medium of his own creation - 18 screens showing high-definition images captured by nine cameras. Each camera was set at a different angle, and many were set at different exposures. In some cases, the images were filmed a few seconds apart, so the viewer is looking, simultaneously, at two different points in time. The result is a moving collage, a sight that has never quite been seen before. But what the cameras are pointing at is so ordinary that most of us would drive past it with scarcely a glance, writes Martin Gayford, Technology Review. Hockney's belief is that his multiscreen film collages are closer than conventional photography to the actual experience of human vision. He comments, "We're forcing you to look, because you have to scan, and in doing so you notice all the different textures in each screen. These films are making a critique of the one-camera view of the world. The point is that one camera can't show you that much."

Just like our You Gotta See This! App strives to capture what you see around you and share your experience of seeing with friends and family, so to does all of David's work. He believes that there is always more to see in the world around us, and is coming quite close to capturing that notion on camera in this new venture. Read the complete article here!

Stills from Woldgate 7 November 2010 11:30 AM (left) and Woldgate 26 November 2010 11 AM (right). Credit: ©David Hockney