BoinxTV 1.8.2 purrs on Lion

by Florian -

We are happy to announce the availability of BoinxTV 1.8.2! While it may look like a small version increment, the work that went into the release was a major effort. We had to tweak several aspects like the rendering engine and some of the layers and re-implement others from scratch like the Screen Source to bring the app to full OS X Lion compatibility.

We've been using this version for serveral hours of real work on OS X Lion through the last few weeks and found it to work absolutely flawless.

See the full release notes below and get your update either via Software Update inside BoinxTV or from our Downloads area. Mac App Store customers will receive the update as soon as it has been approved by Apple.

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Release Notes:

Version 1.8.2 - Home, Full and Sponsored Edition — August 3, 2011

  • The screen source had to be reimplemented from scratch for OS X Lion, as the previous technology no longer works. On Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard however, the previous technology is being used as the new one is not available there. One side effect is that a screen capture source now also captures the mouse pointer on OS X Lion.
  • The PiP (Picture in Picture) layer can now animate it's anchor parameter between settings. This enables you to have the picture animate across the screen from one position to another.
  • Detail enhancements to Orientator. This includes updates to several of the Orientator based layers.
  • Jog wheels in the parameter inspector (left sidebar) can no longer be adjusted by scrolling vertically. We felt it conflicted too much with the new overlay scolling behavior in Lion. You can still adjust them by scrolling horizontally (2 finger swipe on trackpads).
  • Documents are now correctly restored on OS X Lion. Creating, opening and saving always works as expected.
  • Fixed a hang reagarding filtered sources on OX X Lion.
  • Fixed a problem where chroma keyed sources were upside down on OX X Lion.
  • Changes to the rendering engine to make it work on OS X Lion.
  • Various visual improvements related to the new overlay scrollers in OS X Lion.
  • The state of the fullscreen output was not correctly restored when opening a document.
  • Once again it is possible to upgrade from an installed SE (Sponsored Edition) license to the Full version from within the app. Simply choose BoinxTV > Upgrade…
  • File > Revert works as expected. Yeah!
  • The Quick Look 3D layer would fail to display an image when zooming it very small.
  • Implemented a workaround for the Nocturn Video Mixer to accommodate a change/bug in the Automap software by Novation.
  • Implemented a workaround in the Chroma Key filter for OS X Lion.
  • Fixes to both Chroma Key filters on OS X Lion.