Datavideo CKL-300: It's Greenscreening Made Simple!

by Cara -

I recently chatted with our resident BoinxTV guru, Bastian Woelfle, about a new greenscreen project he has been working on with a German company called tele-data. "The CKL-300 is a perfect solution for beautiful video chromakeys without tedious attention to background lighting," says Bastian. "The dual color (both Green & Blue) LED ring and a unique 3 x retro-reflective back drop cloth, embedded with tiny glass beads, provides a flexible and practical solution for any greenscreen needs. It's easy to fold up and carry with you on the go, the retro-reflective cloth is about 20" in size, take outside for outdoor shoots... and it works extremely well, eliminating green spills and shadows."

The CKL-300 light ring can output either green or blue, which makes it ideal for tailoring your pojects' subject to enure there are no color clashes. Users simply mount the LED light ring on the lens of their camera using an adapter, which then projects the green or blue light onto the back drop cloth. The light is then reflected back to the camera, via the tiny glass beads, creating a perfect green or blue background. "We tested it out with BoinxTV's Prokeyer, and the results were great! It's super easy-to-use and convenient for shoots taking place both inside and outside the studio," says Bastian. "We want to thank Mr. Wildner at tele-date for his help in tailoring the CKL-300 to work with BoinxTV... it's really a great new added option for our users!"

If you are located in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, please visit for pricing inquiries. All others can visit for purchase options and more information. Happy greenscreening everyone!