Techradar: BoinxTV Home a Top Video Editing App

by Cara - recently took a look at 6 of the best cheap video editing apps for OS X - BoinxTV Home included! "Apple has always had a knack for turning a market on its head and video editing is a prime example," says Steve Paris of Techradar. "When the very first version of iMovie was released back in 1999, bundled with all iMac DV models, it introduced the idea that making home movies shouldn't be an intimidating or expensive process." Proving his claim, Steve goes on to test out 6 different video editing apps: BoinxTV Home, iMovie, MediaEdit, Moso, Premiere Elements, and YouTube Editor. Tests included everything from ease of importing clips, to editing your film, to applying effects, and finally, sharing your work. I am proud to report that BoinxTV Home fared very well, receiving three and four stars in each category, with an overall ranking of four out of five stars!

"BoinxTV Home is a different animal altogether as it attempts to emulate a live television studio: It can work with your webcam, a FireWire camera or any QuickTime-compatible video file you can throw at it, but everything is done in real-time - captured on the fly - which can be a great timesaver," says Steve. "Boinx's effects are very versatile and fun to use, and considering the fact that they all happen live, they're very impressive."

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