Thought Out Creates Promo Ad with iStopMotion!

by Cara -

iStopMotion can be used for so many different things outside the realm of your typical stop motion animations. I was thrilled to see that it was being used by a company to create an advertisement for a brand new product! Thought Out is a motivated company that strives to create great products in the USA and believes that innovation never ends. The company makes accessories to meet any growing technological need. Thought Out products, while not limited to the design cues of Apple products, reflect the innovation, beauty, and allure they convey in much the same way. Thought Out has been involved in the world of podcasting and WEB 2.0 (new media) since 2004, and is citied as one of the first advertisers to sponsor a show when podcasting was in its infancy.

Using iStopMotion Express, Thought Out created a video advertisement for their new Stabile PRO Pivoting iPad Stand. "Once we learned the product and did some tests, it only took us 45 minutes and 162 shots to complete the video," says Mike Talmadge of Thought Out. iStopMotion was a perfect choice for the ad, as its frame-by-frame functionality strongly showcased the wide pivoting motion range of the new product. The ad is about 22 seconds long with 5 progression loops showing the Stabile PRO Pivoting iPad Stand in motion.

I always love seeing the new and unique ways our customers are utilizing our products - and this is a great one! If you are using any of our products in a way you think is interesting and off the beaten path, send it on over to us at [email protected] and we just might feature it on the blog! For now, happy creating!!