Stop Motion Handbook Now Available on iBooks!

by Cara -

Stop motion animation expert Craig Lauridsen has been diligently working on creating a Stop Motion Handbook to guide users through this fun and fascinating art form - and it's finally here! The Stop Motion Handbook - featuring none other than our very own iStopMotion - is now available for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iBooks and on computers with iTunes. The handbook leads readers through simple and robust processes that will help both beginner and amateur animators make good decisions when creating stop motion animation movies. A great guide for teachers, parents or kids who want to produce their own stop motion movies, the handbook covers a broad range of key concepts and tools necessary for creating a fantastic animation! From developing your story, to recording audio, making props and backgrounds, creating characters, editing your movie, and more, the Stop Motion Handbook is your complete guide to producing your very own stop motion animations with Mac software like GarageBand, iMovie, and of course, iStopMotion.

Grab the Stop Motion Handbook today on iBooks ( and you'll be animating in no time!