Mastering Video with Mikkel Aaland and FotoMagico

by Cara -

When world famous photographer Mikkel Aaland wanted to meet me in Munich to discuss "an interesting project," I was very excited. Mikkel was on his way from San Francisco to Graz in Austria and stopped in Munich to visit some friends when he took the opportunity to meet with me and Peter (our resident graphic artist) for breakfast.

"I am trying to help photographers through the next major shift in their business," he told us. "And I am going to use FotoMagico to do it." He went on to discuss his embracing of digital photography after meeting Ansel Adams in the early 80's and learning about space photography - the first application of digital photography.

Mikkel went on to say, "The next major thing for photographers is video. And they are more wary of it than they were of digital still photography. So, it's best to introduce them to it through something familiar. Making slideshows is a good way to learn about the basics of video. Photographers are able to take something they know and add a new dimension to it, thereby dipping their toes into the unkown waters."

After thoroughly picking our brains Mikkel went on his way to Graz to record his brand new video course, "Creating Dynamic Slideshows with FotoMagico & Photoshop," now available through This in-depth workshop takes you through all the ins and outs of FotoMagico and Photoshop - from choosing effective transitions, to using pan and zoom techniques to bring your stills to life, selectively adding video and motion directly inside a still image, and much more.

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Watch a sneak peak of the training here. Enjoy!