4 Easy Ways to Create Your Own Online TV Station

by Cara -

Mac360's Rob McElfresh recently took a look at BoinxTV as a solution for creating a Mac360 video series. Here's just a sampling of what he had to say...

"Boinx does a good job of describing the video effects tools with a series of video examples on the company website. You'll need them. Video production may be digital point and click, but dozens of elements, preferences, and settings are floating onscreen at the same time, so start slowly, build a simple video, then progress to more comples productions."

"Also useful are BoinxTV's export options. Most of the QuickTime movie settings are available, as is a single-click option to upload your production to YouTube. And, it covers a wide spectrum of usage, from a simple single video source, to multiple video sources. Add a live Skype video stream to the production."

"BoinxTV is more than a fun app or toy. It's capable of serious quality production, but requires plenty of time to master..."

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