ROARRR! The Lion is Finally Here!

by Cara -

Well, the wait is finally over... OS X Lion has arrived at the Mac App Store!!! Fortunately, for us, we had a bit more time than we thought we would to prepare and tune-up our apps for Lion compatibility... and I'm pleased to report that we made a lot of progress. If you own a current version of our apps, the updates for Lion compatibility will be free of charge and you will be notified either through the Mac App Store or the app itself when the update is available. Check our website or the Mac App Store for more info on our apps' compatibility with OS X Lion.

With the arrival of OS X Lion, our "Countdown to Lion" promo is officially over - but, if you haven't taken advantage of it yet, there's good news! The insane discount prices will be available at the Mac App Store through the coming weekend! So hurry up and get them while you still can! Roooaaaarrrrr!