BoinxTV Brings Contemporary Flair to Faith Church

by Cara -

In today's media-driven society, more and more organizations are urged to capture and distribute their news and events via TV and web video. Everyday it becomes more apparent to me that audiences want live, interactive and visual content. This has prompted even the most traditional of groups to branch out and dabble in web broadcasting. Case in point - Faith Church in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Home to more than 1,500 worshipers of the Christian faith, Faith Church's contemporary worship style services are filled with various multimedia components, including four projection screens, IMAG (image magnification), and a weekly recording of Sunday sermons using BoinxTV. I recently spoke with Craig Kutteroff, Director of Worship and Communications at Faith Church, about their use of BoinxTV and how our software helps broadcast the church's services to its extended community.

Can you tell me a little bit about your background and role at Faith Church?

I come from a background in production – mainly professional audio and video – and am now the Director of Worship and Communications at Faith Church. I handle the production of online video broadcasts with BoinxTV, our e-news communications, and more. It’s a role that allows me to combine my background and knowledge in the production field with my strong faith.

How did you come to hear about BoinxTV?

During my exhaustive search of live video broadcast solutions, I came across BoinxTV during a Google search and was immediately sold on its design and functionality. It was exactly what I was looking for – a piece of software that would allow me to capture, edit and record all in real-time, while simultaneously running our IMAG, which is used to magnify the action on the platform via video cameras so that everyone in the church is able to see.

What is Faith Church's primary use for BoinxTV?

We mainly use BoinxTV to produce our live video broadcasts of church services every Sunday. I have also used it to record other events that may be taking place at the church; some of which we may want to put up on our website or send out to our community.

What does your setup for using BoinxTV look like?

We currently run a single feed set up, with just one camera. This isn’t because the system can’t handle more – it definitely can – it’s just by choice. We aren’t creating TV shows or broadcasting the news, rather we just want to be able to record and showcase our services, and make them readily available to our extended community or to those who might not be able to attend in person. So we just have one camera on the front altar at all times. We run BoinxTV on a 27’ Mac with an Intel Core i7 Processor.

Can you walk me through your BoinxTV workflow?

Sure. As I stated earlier, we run an IMAG during our services so that the entire church is able to see the front platform clearly. So, the camera feed from the IMAG goes into our Mac via an AJA io HD plug-in, and comes out via HDMI. The best thing about this set up is that it allows us to record and run our IMAG through BoinxTV, simultaneously. We don’t need to use separate setups or computers for handling both tasks – BoinxTV allows us to do it all at once.

Once the service is over and I have all the footage I need, all I have to do is hit ‘stop’ and I have my recording – completely finished and ready to go.

What were you using to record and broadcast your services prior to BoinxTV? How has the switch to BoinxTV saved you time, costs, and energy?

Prior to using BoinxTV, I was using a basic Canon camera to film our services, and then recording to tape. I used an Analog switcher for iMac to record the services, and each time I would have to hook up the camera to our Mac and edit the footage after the fact. It was always a long and painful process.

Thankfully, my switcher ended up crashing and I was forced to look for another alternative… BoinxTV. Since using BoinxTV to broadcast and record our services, my life has become much easier. I no longer have to spend hours editing footage after recording. Now, it’s all done in real time and ready to be posted to our website immediately after the service is over. Compared to some of the more pricey software out there, BoinxTV gets the job done for a fraction of the cost, period. It’s saved me hours and hours of post-production work and makes our videos look stylish and clean.

What would you say are your top reasons for using BoinxTV?

The number one thing, for me, is just that it works – period. I came across a lot of products in my search for live video production software that made big claims, but in the end couldn’t deliver. BoinxTV… it straight up works. Its feature set is huge and gives us all the options we need. To be honest, we really don’t even scratch the surface of what the product is capable of producing. I would say that BoinxTV’s feature set is the most impressive out there… hands down. I am confident that if I were producing a full-blown TV production, BoinxTV would definitely get the job done – and do it well.

Would you recommend BoinxTV for use at other churches or to your colleagues?

Absolutely. It’s reliable, it’s steady… if it’s crashed on me twice I would be very surprised. And the nice thing about BoinxTV is that it’s extremely affordable. We could be spending a lot more money on our video productions than we do… but with BoinxTV we don’t need to. I would highly recommend it to any church or organization interested in producing live videos.

We are absolutely thrilled with it. I can't say enough...

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