Shake, Rattle and Roll with New BoinxTV Release!

by Cara -

Our latest software release - BoinxTV 1.8 - features some exciting new updates and technology that is sure to knock your socks off! BoinxTV 1.8 introduces the brand new Chroma Keyer Pro filter for better keying quality, and the new LibOrientator technology for transmitting readouts of the sensors in your iPhone® or iPad® directly into your BoinxTV layers, allowing for real time control of on-screen 3D objects in BoinxTV. “The BoinxTV 1.8 release offers new, unique, and creative tools, especially for producing cool screencasts, training videos and reviews of iPad/iPhone apps. What makes BoinxTV so unique is the production in real time, saving video producers hours of editing and special effects work," comments Oliver Breidenbach, our CEO. "It really takes screencast and video production to a whole new level."

LibOrientator Takes Screencasts to Next Dimension

Simply download the Orientator app from the iPhone App Store on your iPhone or iPad 2, connect to your computer via Wifi, transmit the video signal using either an Apple® Digital AV, VGA or Video adapter and the device will appear as a floating layer on screen in your BoinxTV broadcasts for dynamic, motion controlled demos of your favorite iOS apps. Whether you are tilting your iPad 2 to the right to speed around sharp curves in your favorite racing game, or moving your iPhone in a circular pattern for 360 degree photos with your You Gotta See This app, the LibOrientator technology tracks your every move on screen in BoinxTV for stellar screencasts, video reviews or product demos. View a demo video of LibOrientator here!

Chroma Keyer Pro Takes Color to New Levels

BoinxTV 1.8 also includes the new Chroma Key Pro filter which delivers much higher image quality when used with a well lit backdrop. The key is much crisper and the resulting video is sharper. The blending of edges and background is greatly improved, and there are fewer spills than with the previously standard chroma keyer. "Chroma Key Basic," the standard filter, is still included for the more ad-hoc situations where lighting and color of the backdrop are not optimal. Both chroma key filters now include a quick mask feature that allows the user to cut off areas of the video where the green screen backdrop is not present or not working well due to lighting conditions.

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