What the Developers Think of WWDC 2011

by Cara -

With WWDC 2011 in full swing, everyone is wondering what the developers are thinking of Apple's keynote and announcments. Weldon Dodd of theAppleBlog polled several independent developers ranging from long-time Mac mainstays, to one-man shops, and large companies that cover both Mac and iOS development to get their reactions to the latest news from Apple.

Among those polled were Layton Duncan, founder of Polar Bear Farm, which makes Air Forms, who said that the most exciting announcement by far was iCloud, specifically Photo Stream. "Photos across multiple devices, iPhone, laptop and desktop has been a real pain point for a while. It's nice to have something to now sync consistently and transparently across all my devices," said Layton.Rich Siegel, founder and CEO of Bare Bones Software, Inc., which makes Yojimbo, said, "The amount of user-facing work that's going into Lion and iOS 5 is truly impressive, especially as it reflects an enormous amount of infrastructure work." Read the whole article here.

Steve Jobs announced several new updates for iOS 5, but one group of users who will be particulary pleased with the new operating system will be photographers. The headline feature of the camera app in iOS 5 is that you can now use the volume switch to fire the shutter... which is a lot easier than tapping the on-screen button. The update also includes auto-focus and auto-exposure lock, which will let you recompose and shoot without your values changing. You can now zoom in and out via pinching, remove redeye, crop, and enhance photos right on your iPhone or iPad. What most people seem to be buzzing about in regards to iOS 5 and camera/photo capabilities is the new Photo Stream - which uses Apple's new push/sync iCloud service to send photos automatically between devices. All you have to do is snap a picture on your iPhone and it will appear automatically on your iPad or computer.

Stay tuned for more news on WWDC 2011 and feedback from the team on what they found to be most exciting...