BoinxTV Helps Create Prom Night Memories...

by Cara -

BoinxTV helped create extra special memories of a recent Prom Night in Wetzlar, Germany. Held at the Rittal Arena in Wetzlar, the prom was host to 1,260 guests in one of the most modern, multi-purpose halls in the area. We spoke with Michel Honold, one of the organizers of the event, who told us a little bit about how BoinxTV was used. "We had live video from BoinxTV playing on television screens in the foyer, displaying information for guests and visitors. We also used BoinxTV to create the content for the projection shown on stage via a 10m wide screen," says Michel. "With BoinxTV it was easy for us to compile live video, text, images, animations, and pre-recorded content, and combine it with all the action on stage. We even added in our event sponsor's logos, live tweets, program notes, and more to the content displayed in the foyer. Thanks to BoinxTV, the entire event looked like a great television show!"

The BoinxTV set up for the prom was extremely easy and helped us to create more than 16 hours of live composed content - from the start of the event in the foyer to the end of the after-show party. An iMac 27" was used for the video wall above the stage, and two MacBook Pro's were used for the screens in the foyer. "We chose BoinxTV because it's much easier to use and set up than other mediaserver products," says Michel. "We were able to produce and playout all of the media content for the event ourselves, without having to hire an outside video technician. The stability and intuitive nature of BoinxTV is outstanding - from layers, to tickers, and the long list of available features - it's all great!"

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