An Alternative to FCP X for Snazzy Slideshows!

by Cara - recently named our very own FotoMagico as a top alternative to the new Final Cut Pro X for making snazzy slideshows! The article says, "FotoMagico is made by Boinx Software and is a very sophisticated application that works hand in hand with Aperture and iTunes to make amazing slideshows. FotoMagico has dozens of slide transitions, layouts, effects and so-on and offers the power user a range of advanced features that allow you to time slide transitions, move text, manipulate images, insert video clips, and more."

The article, posted by Marcus Adams, goes on to say, "I can highly recommend it as a much less expensive option than Final Cut Pro X, that will probably by completely adequate for 90% of users, who can spend the money they save on shooting more images!" A big thanks to ApertureExpert for the shout out! Read the complete posting here!

Click here to read more about FotoMagico's great features and advanced capabilities.