May 22 Through the Eyes of iStopMotion

by Cara -

This unique iStopMotion movie was created by Frank Doheyn, as a tribute to the maker's of 'Dag op Dag' (or 'Day to Day'), a national TV program in Belgium dedicated to the history of the world on one specific date. Frank chose to portray the history and events of May 22 over the years through stop motion animation. To create this elaborate animation, Frank used non permanent whiteboard marker, tissues, Q-tips, and hours and hours of patience. The audio effects were also created by Frank, using GarageBand and iMovie. He used a HUE webcam to make the 1,992 images that were needed for the project. The background music is from a 1968 Arthur Brown song.

Watch here as Frank takes viewers through history on May 22 - from the fall of Constantinople, to the 1960 earthquake in Chile, to top model Naomi Campbell's birth in 1970. To view more iStopMotion examples click here!