iStopMotion Clicks Ahead to Version 2.8

by Cara -

iStopMotion version 2.8 is here! Headlining the list of new features and improvements is iStopMotion's new ability to apply filters to imported images. This means that if you have existing time-lapse sequences you'd like to work with in iStopMotion, now you can! In version 2.8, all filters, such as the popular Tilt Shift effects, can now be applied to previously-recorded time-lapse footage shot with stand-alone DSLR cameras directly upon import. Just drag and drop the images from your camera onto an iStopMotion document and the Tilt Shift effect will be applied to all images, while a time-lapse movie is created at the same time.

Our engineers also went under-the-hood in version 2.8 to restore Canon DSLR camera functionality that was lost with the Mac OS X 10.6.5 system update, as well as make major improvements to color management. Rounding out the upgrades in version 2.8 is the software's localization of the Russian language.

Sometimes, a customer reports what seems to be a minor bug and it looks like a totally trivial thing. Then we dive in and discover a much better way to do things, which leads to dramatic improvements," comments Oliver Breidenbach. "With iStopMotion 2.8, this happened when a small color matching problem was reported. Now, the color is handled much better throughout all areas of the program, leading to better animation results."

Learn about all the new features and updates to iStopMotion 2.8 here!