'You Might Remember This'

by Cara -

Painter and experimental filmmaker, and avid user of iStopMotion, Jeff Scher created this unique and personal animation for Father's Day, featuring his son Buster from ages 6 to 10. 'You Might Remember This' portrays Buster's childhood through drawings, animated with iStopMotion. In describing the animation, Scher is sure to explain that although it portrays childhood, the perspective of the short film is parental.

"The silce of childhood depicted here makes it feel like we're creeping up on the middle of our journey together. The bubble of babyhood has burst and there have been great leaps in physical prowess, but the shell of adulthood has not yet hardened and the children remain vulnerable," he writes. "As parents, we remain indispensable, but the intoxicating and scary scent of future independence is in the air. School is at the center of most days, and the balance between social and academic development and the need to just be a kid swings back and forth constantly. Being a parent has similar conflicts: while I'm insisting he do his homework, I'm wishing we were fishing, too. But we've both signed on to be (or become) functional citizens, and the homework gets done."

"Buster might actually remember some of the moments depicted in this film; some he might remember because of this film," says Scher. "I will remember them all, having now engraved them in memory with crayon, paint and pencil." Watch the full animation here. Visit Scher's New York Times Blog to watch more of his short animations made with iStopMotion!