Stop Motion Animation Ident - BBC1

by Cara -

YouTuber "Jackamaddox" recently sent over a unique stop motion animation video that he and his peers put together for a college project. The assignment required that Jack and his peers create an ident - or television identification symbol - for the well-known British channel BBC One. The ident needed to be a short video tailored to BBC One's target audience, which the students defined as largely family orientated, that would remind the audience what channel they were watching. In this short ident project, Jack and his partners took the concept of snowmen for the holiday season and ran with it. "Previous idents for BBC One involved objects coming together to form a circle of the 'One' in BBC One - this is how we developed our idea of snowmen coming together to form the 'One,'" says Jack.

Jack used a Canon XM2 Camcorder and a Mac computer to create the iStopMotion animation. It took hundreds of snowman, thousands of frames, and a couple weeks of clicking to create the BBC One ident. Here's the finished product!