Animation World Network Takes a Look at iStopMotion!

by Cara -

Academy Award-nominated filmmaker and award-winning animator, Gary Schwartz, recently took a look at our iStopMotion Pro software for Animation World Network. "With a Mac and iStopMotion Pro 2.7, you have access to stop-motion capture tools of the gods. Dr. Frankenstein never had it as easy to 'bring dead things to life,'" says Gary. The animator takes readers through a detailed review of iStopMotion's features and functionalities - pointing the software's strong, user-friendly capabiltiies.

"The first, best and most important feature of iStopMotion is the immediate feedback from the instant playback," says Gary. "Combined with the onion skinning automatic default (or blinking), production flow is fast, intuitive and accurate, allowing me to focus on being creative, a joy to work with." Gary further comments, "Overall, Boinx's efforts to offer a powerful easy-to-use stop-motion capture application will be appreciated by Mac users. It's about time stop-motion animators were supported with a world class program like iStopMotion Pro!"

Read the complete review here - and stay tuned for exciting updates to iStopMotion in the future!