iPhoneBlog.de and TUAW Love the Orientator!

by Cara -

iPhoneBlog.de - THE biggest iPhone blog in Germany - was among the first to discover and blog about our brand new LibOrientator technology. The post breaks down the Orientator technology into simple terms so that everyone is able to see the brilliance of this new app! "Let's say I'm an iOS developer of a racing game and would like to make a demo video of my game on YouTube. The LibOrientator app passes all the relevant sensor data onto your desktop BoinxTV software. This is ideal for screencast producers!"

Read the complete write up here!

TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog - also posted coverage of the new LibOrientator technology. "The guys from Munich (actually Puchheim, near Munich) have done it again. Boinx Software has updated BoinxTV to version 1.8 and created a special new iPhone and iPad app named Orientator to control 3D graphics effects in BoinxTV. Even better, Boinx developed LibOrientator, a library for iOS developers who may want to include features in their apps that enable control of BoinxTV layers," writes Steve Sande.

Read the complete posting here!