Boinx Orientator Now Live!

by Cara -

If you haven't seen it yet, Boinx Orientator (powered by BoinxTV) is now live! As our very own Florian would say, "It's like your iOS demos on steroids..." Boinx's very own LibOrientator technology consists of Orientator, an app for your iPhone or iPad, a couple of special layers in BoinxTV, and a library for iOS developers to include in their apps. The LibOrientator was orginally conceived for making great app demos for iPhone and iPad apps using the accelerometer and gyroscope of the iOS devices. But, it can be used for other fun stuff too - like controlling a 3D object in BoinxTV, or pinpointing your location on an on-screen moving map powered by Google Maps.

The Orientator app for iPhones or iPads reads out the values for device motion, the gyroscope, the accelerometer, location, magnetometer, and the values for orientation and transmits them over a WiFi connection to BoinxTV running on your Mac. You can then use that information to control several new layers directly within BoinxTV - like the new iOS Device Demo layer, the Apple Design Award layer, or the Google Maps layer. The Orientator app is also neat by itself, if you like to look at the read-outs of the sensors that are displayed on the device screen when the app is running.

Read more about the LibOrientator technology and how to create show-stopping demos of your favorite iOS apps in BoinxTV here!