Geekiest Thing You've Ever Accomplished!

by Cara -

Last week,, featured Kelly Franznick as its "Geek of the Week." Kelly is the CEO of Blink, a user experience research and design firm in Seattle, WA. He is described as the "kind of person who can spend his vacation working on a stop motion animation project, and his spare time handing out in a used computer store. In other words, he was the perfect choice for "Geek of the Week."

When asked the questions, "What was the geekiest thing you've accomplished, built or won?" Kelly replied, "I once spent far too many hours of my vacation doing stop motion animation with a friend and our kids. It was one of those projects that the kids were interested in for about 30 minutes, but my friend and I became obsessed. We rigged up a green screen and used the hotel lamps as makeshift studio lighting. The software for doing this - iStopMotion from Boinx Software - is really slick and easy."

We are proud to say that the "Geek of the Week" uses iStopMotion! When asked what it means to him to be a geek, Kelly responded, "I recently listened to Kevin Poulsen (Senior Editor at Wired News) say in an interview that 'There's nothing in technology you can't pick up on your own if you apply yourself to it.' I think that this really captures the spirit of geek."