Magma Short Film Festival Features Stop Motion Workshop

by Cara -

The Magma Short Film Festival is held every year in New Zealand, encouraging filmmakers of all genres, from animation, to comedy, drama, documentary, and more, to share their work and hear from the industry's leading talent. This year's festival plays host to over 44 submitted films from around the world playing over the course of three nights and two days, from April 28th - May 1st. The festival also presents attendees with the opportunity to hear from wonderful guest speakers such as Hineani Melbourne and Alan Brash (Shoot First Productions).

The festival also offers attendees the chance to participate in a variety of filmmaking workshops, and this year it will feature a workshop soley dedicated to stop motion animation. Craig Lauridsen of the Newtown Movie School, as well as author of the iStopMotion Handbook, will work with children and young adults interested in making stop motion animations, teaching them the ins and outs of working with our very own iStopMotion.

When Newtown Movie School was invited to help grow the Magma Film Festival, we jumped at the chance. They were looking for a way to make movie-making accessible to younger movie makers," says Craig Lauridsen. "Over two full days we are offering two stop motion workshops, one for 8-12 year olds and one for 13-18 year olds, during which the children can write and produce thier own stop motion movies with iStopMotion."

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